Friday, March 31, 2017


Just to get everyone up to date. I'm back in Georgia.

But why? WHY go back to the south? Well, despite what you  may have heard, I was actually born here in the south, not too far from Georgia, actually, Hickory, North Carolina, and it feels right, lying on the ground, looking up past the tree line. I've napped under trees all over the the western part of the world, but the trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains are the ones I dream about, back in the very back of my subconscious. Ever since I crossed over from Tennessee into North Carolina for the first time as a human that could record memories (and not a child under the age of five), I have felt a very personal and quiet peace of mind from the mysteries of these ancient hills.

So here I am. I wait tables at a fancy restaurant in the mountains where I have to be able to explain Rabbit Rillettes to patrons. I make enough. Trust me.

And I want to fight for the south, for my friends that live here, that love it like I do, despite its bitter past. And since all the dudes and ladies that hate other ladies because they think we all want their dudes (the Grand ol' Pissants) voted to defund one of the most important institutions in this country that provides safe healthcare for women, there's A LOT of fighting to be done, and I WILL NOT SHUT UP. Margaret Sanger didn't shut up when she was arrested for trying to teach girls and women about their menstrual cycles, so I can't.

Moving takes time, shifting takes even more time. If I haven't had that lunch or coffee with you that we've been dancing around sharing, get ready. I'm about to start putting dates in my calendar again.

Also, and I don't care what anyone says, I cannot wait for the oppressive heat of the summer. My soul has been suffering from lack of summer detox sweats. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Blah blah. Interim post. Want to get back to writing more regularly, know, moving.

In the future, I pledge to finish my Nina Simone trilogy, talk more about women in music that have been teaching me how to use my own voice, finish my timeline, go deeper into my timeline with some stories about college, Europe, and kissing Dave Foley at Relapse theatre and later in my car.

I came back to write, to fight for what is right, and to learn to be a homesteader. Let's see what happens next...


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