Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Panic Mode

Yesterday I awoke ready to take on the world of temping agencies. I called number after number explaining my situation, and they all told me to email my C.V. and they would get back to me. While this was taking place, some gentlemen drove up in a big truck (yeah...they have those here, but they don't call them trucks...lorries...and if that doesn't do it for you, I don't know what does) and started dumping things into the back of it from the house next door. I only noticed the sound of things thumping onto the back of the truck at first, but then I saw a giant chair fall from the window to my right, and I realized that they were tossing everything in the house out of the upstairs window and making a great deal of noise in the process. Then I heard a loud knock on my door, and my first reaction was to duck down from the window and crawl around on the floor. Here's where the logic begins: I could hear the men talking and glass breaking, and I thought to myself, "they must be knocking on the door to see if anyone is home so that they can break in and steal our stuff too," not the more sensicle (is that a word?) "It must be the post with a package" (which it was). So, I waited on my hands and knees, wondering what I would do and where I would hide if they did break into the house....which they never did...they left after about an hour...but can you imagine that hour for me? SHEESH. Then I talked to Liam and told him about it, and he laughed, and I told him about my job hunting blahs, and he encouraged me and told me that if I wanted to, he could work really hard from the time he got out of school until the quiz at 8, and he would go with me to the quiz, and I thought, "awwww....everything's going to be okay!" which made me think, "am I really that girl?" Liam also told me to stop sitting around the house and to get out and do London things because pretty soon I would have a job and I wouldn't be able to. So I had a little panic about that...messed up the laundry and, despite my better efforts, ended up having to stay in until about 5:45 when I broke free of the confines of the house and bought myself some fuzzy blue slippers for £3. Big city life is AWESOME! Liam and I did go to the quiz..and we came in second place which brought us a great deal of satisfaction as our "group" was originally 18 and I kicked up a fuss about how pointless it would be and how un-fun it was going to be so we split off into a smaller team of about 6 (with two of the original members) and placed second while the giant part of our group placed at like 6th. And just so you know...Liam was CONVINCED that I was totally wrong about and Overture coming at the much so that he said to me adamantly, "it's either the middle or the end, but there's no way it's at the beginning" which it WAS...because I KNOW these things....and now I have something to bug him about (don't think about the fact that it was 1 of only about 5 that I was able to answer...but seeing as it was an ENGLISH pub quiz, and I am American...I deserve a pat on the back). For our prize, we won a £20 bar voucher, and I (apparently) demanded the most expensive wine...good ol' Sauvignon Blanc...but it was WORTH IT!


zack_adcock said...

you'd think that, what with "nonsensical" being a common enough word, that "sensical" would be a word as well. i suppose you could argue that the definition is obvious, even if it's not in the dictionary (it's not in mine, at least, nor at, but as far as i can tell "sensical" is not actually a word that any english dictionaries want to claim. ;-)

Nancy Caroline said...

well...that is just not sensical at all

Anonymous said...

There's always sensible to fall back on, dearest.


Anonymous said...

you should listen to Apryl, she's a sensical girl.


Janna L said...

Girl you so funny.

I shall enjoy this blog.