Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain, Addiction, and Recovery

The rain finally let up yesterday. Despite rain being forcast, the sun stayed bright until it fell below the horizon. I let my classes go early because I wanted to enjoy it, and I'm sure they did too. The sun, recently, is like snow. When it appears, you want to be able to enjoy it.

Let's back up a few days. I started working on my own to build the organic garden at a winery that I am apparently not allowed to name about a month ago. I transplanted some greens, herbs, and tomatoes. By the end of the week before last, I had designed a garden paradise, providing the cutworms didn't kill everything before it had a chance to reach its full potential. The land was my canvas, the soil, my medium. Then, last Monday night, it started to rain. It rained all the way into Tuesday afternoon. It didn't stop raining until around 4 p.m. Then, later that evening, it started raining again. It rained all night and into the morning. I lay awake in bed listening to it beat down on my tin roof, imagining the garden washing away. It wasn't until Wednesday afternoon that I was able to make it out. The rain had been at bay for most of the day, so I drove to my little haven to check out the damage. The only terrible damage consisted of two large ruts that rivers of water had plowed into my tilled soil. They tried to tear up the lettuces, to no avail, but they took a good chunk out of my row of flowers and Quinoa. Small sections of my spinach rows had been washed away, but not the whole things, and the plants, despite being slightly water-logged, seemed to be thriving.

But it kept raining. I had a good maybe 6 hours I was able to spend in the garden last week. On Saturday, it started raining, and it didn't stop until Monday night. LITERALLY. It rained non-stop. I almost lost my mind. I haven't been back to the garden since the sun came out, as I've been stuck grading papers (self-inflicted), but I am venturing out there today. I have a feeling I have a great deal of work in front of me...

Now, I never thought I had a problem with addiction...until I discovered Spider Solitaire...and candy corn. Yes. I am insanely addicted to both. I can sit and play Spider Solitaire for hours and not even think about it...and I can inhale a bag of candy corn in less than a week...a big bag. I need help. Any suggestions? I actually think about organizing cards during times when I really should NOT be thinking of doing such a thing. I mean...really inappropriate times to be trying to develop the best Spider Solitaire strategy.

Seriously. I need help.


Apryl said...

I hope that much of your garden has survived the deluge.

I too tend to get addicted to/obsessed with computer-based solitaire games. I have no good suggestions for overcoming the addiction. I either get sick of the game or forget about it when I don't have access to it for a while. Maybe that's it: throw out your PC and get a Mac because they don't come with any solitaire games. A cheaper solution might be to just delete those games from your computer. Good luck, and at least it's not an alcohol addiction!

john/laura said...

this is coming a year late, and you probably won't even read it. hopefully you're not addicted to spider solitaire anymore, right? sometimes i have a problem feeling like i really really need to check my e-mail or check what the weather's like or check some other thing on the internet while i'm taking care of nigel.
most of the time i give in to this urge, but when i'm at least half present to what i'm doing, i just sit and focus on breathing. just breathe through it. maybe do the dishes and breathe through it.