Friday, November 5, 2010

Girl and Dog Go for a Walk

Girl puts on a scarf, hat, and jacket. Dog wears his collar and a leash. Girl and dog go for a walk. They find a secret path through the woods off the square. Girl and dog follow this path happily.

They are surrounded by leaves of red, gold, and orange. They climb over fallen trees, soft from decomposition. Girl climbs, and dog leaps.

Soon, girl and dog realize that they are lost. The path is gone. Girl tries to find the easiest way through, while dog tries to convince girl to follow him to a small creek. Girl finally gives up and follows dog. Dog leads girl out of the woods.

Between the woods and the road there is a giant muddy patch. Dog prances over the mud, while girl gingerly attempts to avoid getting too muddy. Girl steps in every wrong place. Girl steps in mud up to her knees. Girl is upset for a moment, then she shrugs.

Dog pulls girl away from the mud. They are in the back yard of someone's dream house. Girl and dog hide in the woods and rinse off in the small creek. Girl rolls muddy pants up and continues on the walk with dog.

Despite being muddy and having cold feet, girl and dog are very happy.

Girl and dog watch the sun set behind a red, orange, and yellow ridge.

Girl and dog walk home in the dusk.

Girl makes spinach and goat cheese pizza, and girl and dog curl up on the couch to watch a movie. Tabby cat joins girl and dog.

Everyone is warm.

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~*~ said...

Have you and your dog enjoyed a nice walk lately? I hope this December finds you and your furry friends warm and happy.