Friday, February 4, 2011

Dear Future Caroline

Dear Future Caroline,

Worrying doesn't do anyone any good. Remember how you always worry about money, and SOMEHOW, everything works out? Yeah. Keep remembering that.

Also, don't forget how freeing it is to DELEGATE. Trying to do everything yourself because you'll do it the best is WRONG. It's actually a sin. The worst of all the sins. Worse than public displays of affection (unless someone else is PDAing...then that's worse). Other people want to help, and they will bring new and fresh ideas to you. Other people are talented and good. Yay for other people!

Gaining weight in the winter is warm. Do not fear it.

If you put your clothes away now, you don't have to do it later...after your cat pees on them.

Never click on a link entitled "Secret Crush Revealer." Boooooooooooo.

If a cat headbutts you, it is because the cat thinks you are cool. Guess what: you are cool in the eyes of many cats. This also means that you are "crazy" in the eyes of a lot of "people."

If your pants don't fit. Buy pants that fit. Stop being lame and uncomfortable. MR. PANTS loves you regardless of your muffin top (again...a lot of people will not think this is sweet...but rather "crazy).

Star Trek is awesome.

Antibiotics WILL give you heartburn. Be prepared.

Trust your friends. They don't sit around judging you. They really really don't. Right?


Go sit on a beach in Mexico right now...or, you know...soon.

You are, more than anything, YOU. Don't try to be anything else and never compromise the things that make you THAT. It is more painful than having really bad gas on a first date....and you KNOW how painful that can be.


P.S. Sometimes cheap Chinese(ish) food really hits the spot.


Queen Mother said...

Dear Future Caroline,

You are an inspiration, at best a great light that guides not to a destination but the begininng of a journey of discovery. We should all be anthopologist's of ourselves and search and dig and find hidden treasures that would otherwise not have been unearthed. (we are made of dirt you know)

So dearest Caroline, I appreciate your blogs, your friendship, and the fact that you are a well educated , beautiful, and all out cool chick and I am blessed to know you.

Heart,Heart, Heart, Heart,Heart!!!
MelRG (don't you feel it!)

Nancy Caroline said...

Mel: you have energized my belief in the power of help from other people. Not only do you do things as well as I would, but you always manage to do them BETTER. This is dangerous. I might start asking you to do everything for me.

Let's grow a garden together this spring. ;)

Juniperrr said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Also, I love the quotations around "people," as in "makes you look crazy in the eyes of 'people.'"

Juniperrr said...

Also, I want to start a garden and might ask you for tips.

Bearded Wanton said...

Dear Future Caroline,

If you ever doubt yourself one bit, Future Ron will punch your face.

If you ever change your youthful outlook on life, Future Ron will take you to an amusement park so you don't.

If you ever actually read this, look in the mirror and laugh because you beat them all.

-Future Ron

PS - We talk in third person in the future. All the kids are doing it, young whipper snappers.