Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Things I Do to Avoid Doing Things

I wrote this back in January when I was looking for a job.

Lie perfectly still, my mind racing.
Alter my mind.
Worry about my dog.
Worry about all the things I should be doing.
Worry about how slow the internet is running.
Feel self righteous for listening to the music I listen to (HAHAHA!).
Think about exercising.
Think about doing the plank challenge.
Think about dating.
Think about things I should write.
Think about how I think too much.
Spider Solitair
Be annoyed that boys just want to have sex.
Be annoyed that I’m annoyed about sex.
Wonder about medication.
Imagine myself doing things.
Laundry--it feels like you’re doing something, but a machine is doing all the work.

Things that are fun to do on days I'm stuck inside:
Paint my toenails.
Listen to a podcast and mess around in the kitchen.
Plank position

Things I’m afraid of doing:
Getting a job (mark this off the list, folks. I got one)
Getting an Illinois driver’s license (also mark this off the list. I got one of those too)
Trusting myself (um.....still working...)

Things I need to do:
Tend to Linus (feed, walk, massage, terrorize)
Trust myself.

Plank Position?

I took this picture with my toe. 

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