Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The First 36

After surviving the first 36 or so hours away from the socials, I find myself more energetic, and more positive. It could also be the hormonal roller coaster. Might as well go with it.

Anyway. Had a productive day of sales calls in the hour away suburbs. The first stop was a company that makes flavors for my presentation of my “Holiday” design. Look. Guys, I’m not gonna parse words. I don’t have positive feelings when I think of Christmas. I’ve had some pretty bleak Christmases in my life. Some distant and some recent. Some frozen nights alone, even if I wasn’t. I’ve had some pretty rad Christmases too. Don’t worry. Roller coaster.

I designed one though. Kind of my worst, visually. I’ve gotten better at the rendering program at work, where I impose designs onto pictures I took on site. It’s so basic. It’s Excel. “Rendering program.” But seriously, Excel is impressive.

And she, an exotic woman wearing color contacts that made her look kind of fiercely terrifying, loved it? Now that I’m remembering, she was surly at the beginning of our last meeting, and within a minute, she was sweet as honey. She softened and smiled at the pictures that I really didn’t have much to say about….other than, “remember...we talked about how you wanted that, well…” Probably my worst work, in my opinion, but keep in mind, my opinion is the harshest. She waxed sappy about Christmas, and wanted to do the whole thing, or most of it because, of course, it’s a lot of money.

No decision was made, but plans were discussed. And you shake hands and leave. It’s so gross...except, Christmas. And Plants. It's hard to go wrong with those. Well, definitely plants, at least.

Our next stop was a wedding venue, that almost went out of business, or there were rumors, that we obviously should have heard but didn’t. It was a redesign proposal for a three year contract signed by a lovely...suburban girl, who hated the design for which she signed and wanted a new one, for free. And she is getting it….at cost. I think.

We call her “glitz and glam,” which she probably said about a million times while she was explaining what she envisioned as she jazz-handed in front of her face.

I like to say mean things about her to my colleague, who designed a gorgeous installation for them the previous year. She tells me to stop, that the customer is right...but with just enough of a twinge of distaste. And by “say mean things about her,” I mean I just say, “glitz and glam” over and over again while I jazz-hand in front of my face. I’m vicious, but I still don’t want her to walk up behind me while I’m doing it. Because that would be uncomfortable.

Anyway, she was magically satisfied with this, my colleague’s third attempt to meet her requests. So we all had a pleasant ride back to the city.

When I get home from work, I'm now greeted by the happy excitement of two dogs, Linus and Fela. It's a frenzy of snouts and tails, tongues and toes, and I trip over them all the way to the back door where I can let them out while I check on my garden.

It's surprisingly easy to let go of social media. I still occasionally feel that pull, but I know it's just an addiction, that I'm looking for someone to notice me, or to feel like someone notices me. With a tap of my finger. And I know that's what the world of computer geniuses wants from me. To be addicted. To need it. Halt and Catch Fire is a good show. Really good soundtrack.

Having said all that. I shall talk to you all tomorrow. If I can find the time.

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Martha Lois said...

Also the opening paragraph about feeling more positive and energetic after 36 hours off social media. 80) YKW