Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Didn't Even Watch It

So, I'm in England for Christmas, and there's all this talk about the Queen's Christmas message being broadcast, not only on t.v., but also on the ever exciting World Wide Web. Now that she is the oldest living monarch in English history (it's true), she has decided to make a run into the new millennium. So, all this talk, and all this new technology stuffs, and I didn't even watch the message. I didn't watch it on T.V., and I certainly didn't look it up on YouTube. So what does that make me? A crummy visitor? Nah....Amerrikan....thru and thru. I don't need me no message from no queen to benchmark this spectacular season. I just need some pumpkin pie and a big bird to eat, and that's what I had, I tell you...that's what I had (well...the pumpkin pie is running a little late, but it's on the way).

After a long day of sleeping and eating and then sleeping some more, I promptly went to bed and slept for eleven hours. It was quite impressive, if I do say so myself...and I do...say so myself. I woke up this morning and began enjoying the fun that is It's almost always funny.

We all went for a walk at the "water-park" which is not, as you might imagine, a park filled with water-slides, wave pools, and the ever popular "lazy river." No, it was a park...with a very large pond, a canal, and little bitty pond full of all sorts of exciting organisms for your study and inspection. I learned that my running pants are a bit too large and that brambles and thorns provide the perfect cover for an emergency bathroom break. Liam burned his arm on the pie crust pan this evening and has put the pumpkin pie making back only briefly. We shall prevail. Later tonight, despite the obvious objections from the parents, Liam, his sister, all of the local friends, and I will be going to a dingy dance club to listen to brit pop and bad rock while we dance and make merry. I've been told it's legendary. We shall see.

The Manchester sky was mostly clear and bright this afternoon just as it was yesterday afternoon...which is a far cry from my experience this summer. Let's see if we can't go three days in a row.

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diana said...

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly katie means when she describes someone/something as an absolute legend.