Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I can't reach

Today, while my roomie was slathering aloe on my sunburn, she asked me what the point of spray on aloe gel was, and she had a point. It's not like it mists. It comes out in blobs of aloe gel. I got it because I was hoping it would just mist all over my back, and I wouldn't have to twist myself into a pretzel to rub it in. However, I did not figure into the equation the fact that I would still have to twist myself into a pretzel in order to point the spray top towards my back and aim it at my burned skin. I spent the better part of Sunday evening hunched over trying to get just ONE blob of aloe to land on the angry top layer of my epidermis. Hooray for living with someone. I don't know if she realizes how much I appreciate the two minutes she takes to rub aloe onto my back. It feels phenomenal.

Speaking of the sun: I was walking to the Barbecue Shop this afternoon, and I noticed the temp reading on the bank across from Huey's on Madison said that it was 93 degrees. I was thinking to myself, before this, that it felt absolutely wonderful outside. It was a little bright, but the humidity was low, and there was a nice little breeze. Does this mean I have become so acclimated to the weather here that I actually think 93 equals a "nice" day? Does this mean Memphis heat is so bad that 93 actually does equal a "nice" day?

I am currently sitting at home waiting for a cable guy to come and fix our cable so that it doesn't cut out and shut down every five minutes. I called yesterday to explain all of this to a woman who had me go through this whole unplugging my cable box and waiting five minutes for a reboot rigmarole. After which she told me, "and that's all you need to do when the cable cuts out." To which I replied, "you're not understanding me. It happens three or four times EVERY time I sit down to watch T.V. I'm not going to do that. I'm just not. I'd like to be able to watch an entire program without having to do cable box olympics every five minutes. I mean, that's kind of silly...right?" SO...some guy is coming between 3 and 6. I suppose I should feel lucky that it's not between Monday and Friday 9 and 5. It's a freaking blessing.

And with that. I will leave you. Quip away.


Juniperrr said...

did you really say to her, "i mean that's kind of silly, right?"

Anonymous said...

I've been there with the cable company, but it was our internet. After months of problems and service calls, we have given up. I called to get DSL. It was supposed to be activated 2 weeks ago. I called the day after and was told that someone would call me the next business day. After a week, I called again. The fourth person I talked to told me that they wanted to get my service activated as soon as possible so that they could charge me. But she refused to give me any information about what the problem might be or when service might be activated. I'm just supposed to wait happily. I hope that the person shows up on time and actually fixes the problem.


Anonymous said...

I meant that I hope that the person coming to your place shows up on time and actually fixes the problem.


Vanessa said...

If you didn't, you should call right now, ask for the rep you talked to, and then tell her. Better late than never.