Friday, June 20, 2008

The Absence of Blog

SO....I betcher all wonderin....where the H-E-L-L has Caroline been all week. WELL...I do NOT have's not that I don't love's that I don't have the means of communication.

Now. This week, I have moved into a new apartment. I have a new room mate. I have no pots or pans. I have no lamps. These are things I love...and I am, therefore, sad. For those of you that don't know me....I love lamp....s.'s true. I am a fan of the low lighting. I find overhead lights to be a bit too they're questioning me...forcing me to see everything while allowing everyone to see all of me. Overhead lights = poo. Pots and pans...make it possible for me to feed myself. I have food...but no way to cook it...except a microwave. hooray.

This leads me to the sadness of the week...and I KNOW....why won't I just get over it? I mean...come ON. It's been over a month. I could tell you how many days....but I'd have to stop and count...which, I think, is an improvement. So...sadness...and I will try to be brief: Being surrounded by all this old stuff...and the absence of stuff....stuff that I sold...reminds me of my former fervor...of how desperately and passionately I loved much I wanted to be with him and to share my life with him. And now I'm back...with the stuff I left behind...and without the stuff I never thought I'd need again. And it makes me feel sad...and often lonely. There is much silence...and the occasional cry.


I introduced Mr. Pants and Alexander to the new place today...and they promptly ran under my bed and hid for about an hour. Mr. Pants was the first to venture out...and he gradually began exploring, chatting with me all the while. When I left this evening...Alexander was still under the bed. So much for the old Alexander the Great "fortune favors the brave" nonsense. Kid needs to live up to his name.

I'm glad this week is over. Moving is hard. Moving actually kind of sucks...but getting settled can be really nice...I'm waiting for that part. My apartment is so lovely. You should come see me. Sit on my porch...have a beer. We'll talk. It'll be nice.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a lovely new home. I'm sure that Mr. Culottes will acclimate soon enough and live up to his "real" name.

And enjoy the opportunity to buy new things that you like even better than your old ones. Just think of all the fun that you can have at Target and garage sales.


diana said...

mr. culottes...HA!!!

I think I should point out that it's super easy to get a meal together, because we have not just one, but TWO microwaves.

chrishaley said...

Plus there are Looney Tunes on the horizon.

And my "word verification" word for this comment was "wetkers".

april said...

i want to drink beer on your porch..i love porches AND beer!

Nancy Caroline said...

then come to my porch! and drink beer with me! YAY!!!!


Vanessa said...

i like beer and porches. and culottes. and diana and caroline.