Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Down Time

I put the lid on my work for last semester (hopefully) at about 5:30 p.m. yesterday. Fantastic. I'm currently sitting at my dining room table feeling the weight of absolutely nothing. The only thing that worries me is my desire to do too much, to set myself up for disappointment. So, I ask, should I make a list of goals to accomplish over the holidays? or should I avoid making any sort of plans and just enjoy the time? Or a mixture of both?

Today I am so excited about coffee that I think I may just sit here drinking it and thinking about how lovely it is. I cooked and listened to Fresh Air last night and learned about the culinary history of milk. It was phenomenal. You know what else is phenomenal? The prediction of a 100% chance of freezing precipitation last night that manifested itself in a few droplets of ice on my car this morning.

For anyone lucky enough to happen upon the back door to my apartment, the pile of rotting food is intentional. It's what some people like to call a compost heap. I am about to put my salad container from Whole Foods on top of it as well. That too will be intentional, as Whole Foods explained that the container will decompose in a compost heap within 90 days. Let's see....Also, Diana, I apologize that this often leads to a bowl full of moldy leftover veggies and tea bags in our kitchen. I'm trying to save the planet.

If you have yet to put a container of chocolate on your desk at work, may I suggest that you do so as soon as possible. I have had a very difficult time finding free, Christmas-y chocolate lying around as of late. I am very disappointed by this fact.

If you think it's too cold, try putting on a hat and a scarf. I find it to be more than bearable with those two essentials. Once you've done that, go for a walk.


Apryl said...

Of course, you're right on about the scarf and hat. They help make even wind chills of 0 to -3 with gusts of 20 mph winds bearable. (That was my Christmas shopping weather yesterday.)

And I say make a few small goals for the holidays. Then you won't feel total goal withdrawal and will be able to get these things done, thus avoiding any guilt. Also, you'll still haven plenty of time for quiet musings and super fun.

Merriam said...

Making goals is tempting. But I would say make space instead. Or enjoy this temporary space and don't fill it just yet. Maybe you could imagine what you want the next semester to feel like. And if you figure out a way to hang on to some of that space, please let me know!