Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going back to the Start

I realize, before I say anything, that I am very well off, and lucky, and all that, but I might do a little bit of whining in this blog...but only a little bit.

SO. Everyone knows about my computer/makeup/bike mishaps. One week it was the car break-in, the next week it was the bike stealing, and this week it is my car breaking down on me. Tuesday night, on my way home from school, my car began kind of shuddering, skipping, and lurching a bit. My check engine light flashed at me as if to say, "Why are you making me do this? Can't you see, I'm sick?" I shifted very quickly into panic mode once I realized that I did not have my phone with me, and my panic turned to terror when the sky opened up and a bizarre torrent of rain exploded all around, mocking me. I made it home, and quickly relaxed, until Wednesday (when I SHOULD have gotten to stay home) when I drove to Southwest with the same horrifying shuddering and lurching. I almost lost my mind. I called my dad, in my disgruntledness, and blamed him for everything, said a lot of bad words, and then cried out loud while alone in my car after abruptly getting off the phone with him. MY DAD....who bought me a new computer when mine was stolen. I am horrible. He told me to shove the spark plugs into their, I don't know, spark plug holes, and the other end of the wires into, I guess, the wire box thingy. So...did that, and made it home without any flashing of the engine light, and lurching of the car. However, I am still afraid to drive it, worried that it will die, and I will never be able to revive it again.

All of this, bad luck (I suppose), has prompted me to think about ways to improve my way of life now that I don't have access to all the luxuries that I used to have access to. For instance, yesterday, I was staring at my horrendous hang nails, which I have been chewing on for pretty much most of my life, and I thought, "perhaps, now is the time to stop this nonsense. My fingers look terrifying." And they do. They are terrifying. Then I thought today, "but I've been doing it so long. What if I stop, and there's this giant hole in my life?" Smokers have a million options to help them quit smoking, but nobody thinks of those of us that are addicted to chewing on our hangnails. What do we get? Some bad tasting crap to paint on there? I've chewed threw that stuff before. I'm going to need something stronger.

Okay. I'm kind of kidding about improving my life through kicking my hangnail chewing habit. I'm also just a little bored because I'm ahead in my lesson planning, I don't have any papers to grade yet, and I don't have any money to run around spending.

Also, I was driving down Humphrey's Blvd today on my way to get my mom's car to her, and I noticed one of those giant, telephone(?), electric (?) poles that's made to look like a really big tree. Those are so weird. I mean...they kinda look like trees, but at the same time, they are just so totally not trees. It kind of freaks me out a little bit. I have trouble concentrating on driving when those things are around.

Seriously. I have NO conclusions.


Apryl said...

Those poles that are supposed to look like trees are cell phone towers. If you ever want to look at one up close, go to the Cogbills' place in Lakeland. Some company asked to rent a little area of their land for a tower when we were in college.

I hope that your car is a-okay or gets better with minimal financial and time output.

By the way, my word verification this time is "bellys."

Nancy Caroline said...

That is good to know about the poles. So...what happens when the rent runs out? Do they knock down the cell phone pole?

Also...that is a fantAStic word verification.

Juniperrr said...

you are right to be freaked out. that pole is wrong. very wrong.

Apryl said...

I imagine the companies keep renting the land until they determine that they no longer need a tower in that area. The couple of thousand or more per month that the companies pay is quite convincing--except to some schools. Many already have towers on their roofs, but others aren't sure it's a good idea to have a tower and its unknown radiation effects lurking over their children 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year. Crazies. At least the ones on top of schools don't look like fake trees.

Word verification today: nooter. I keep gettin' some winners.

diana said...

those companies didn't even bother making those towers look like our indigenous trees, you know? they remind me of those plastic rocks people use to hide a spare house key outside, but if the rock were like a conch or something.