Tuesday, May 6, 2008

At Theatres, The New Super-Hero:The Girl You Broke Up With

Yes. I am superwoman. Why? Because today I got up with the alarm clock, I got dressed...I even put on make-up...and I went to work. I was a little late...but everyone was so surprised to see me, they didn't care too much.

Then began the day. We killed time for a while...catching up, trying not to have to do any of the terribly mundane tasks ahead of us. Then I started doing work, answering the phone. I only had to put my head down three times to keep myself going...and I only had to hide in the bathroom to cry twice. I made an impressive number of jokes today...all through bitter, gritted teeth...but funny jokes...I think.

We went out after work for some drinks and a meal because all three of the temps...including me...are leaving within the next two to three weeks. We shared wine and dessert...and we laughed about being single. There are a lot of single older women in the city of London. Single women that want to be not single...but get on with it. Then there are those guys that think, "being single is awesome, and it's totally what I want!" These guys are tipping the scales with their stupidity...with their naivety. But the women are getting on with it. I suppose it's what we do...the women you break up with...we become superheroes. We keep living.

I wasn't alone on my walk from home to train and from train to work...I had the indigo girls in my ear. I'll tell you a little secret...you should never try to make through a break up without turning to the Indigo Girls. And no, that's not a euphemism for trying out lesbianism. Those ladies can take any sort of situation you'll come across...in your life as a superhero...and turn it into beautiful music. Talking about getting your heart wrecked? Add a little acoustic guitar and some harmony...boom: strength. It's like the atomic sludge that will turn you into your superhuman self.

"Beneath my surface the water's heating
And steam comes up and out the tears you see me shine
For every strange and bitter moment there was never a better time
For every pleasure exacts its pain
How you hurt me how you were good to me"

I know I cursed you the other day...but woah to you who have never felt this kind of pain. It is in this time that I feel my skin...and I feel just beneath it...just beneath the surface...living...breathing...Every pleasure does exact its pain. There is never a better time.


Anonymous said...

Indigo Girls, yes . . . Alanis, very necessary. Just remember who told you. :)


diana said...

when you get home we'll drive around blaring indigo girls and harmonizing together. I'll even let you be emily.

you are a beautiful, lovely, brilliant, hilarious, resilient person and I love you very much.

Vanessa said...

you are amazing, love you.

Anonymous said...

Too bad most of us, your lady friends, can't sing. If so, we would record you songs (like that wonderful zoo song we made up stuck in traffic after Lilith Fair) and be in your ear. Just remember how we're in your mind and heart and how you are in ours.