Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm On My Way

Today I return to Memphis, TN: The home of Graceland, Stax, the Memphis Tigers, The Civil Rights Museum, Bar-B-Q, Justin Timberlake, Mr. Pants, Alexander, a good deal of you lovely readers,

I went to sleep last night at around 10:00 p.m. after watching the Office season finale, and feeling like I needed to go back and do a little catching up. I piddled with my new phone until my eyes were weary. I woke up this morning at around 6:30. I must not be very fun to sleep with because my dad's dog keeps trying to get away from me...when she normally LOVES it when I come to visit. I also might be coming down with a cold.

Yesterday, it rained. RAINED...for the love of all that is holy. I had breakfast at IHOP and asked for an extra helping of bacon...surprisingly I did not have to specify that I wanted crispy delicious bacon instead of salty chewy back bacon. They brought me the tasty kind, and I drowned it in Maple I did my buttermilk pancakes. Sorry for those of you that don't eat meat...and are trying to avoid other things too. It was DELICIOUS. My dad helped me get set up with a new phone and new phone number. It was all too exciting. Then we watched Girl With The Pearl Earring. Charlotte Johansen literally says about three words in the whole film, which you would think would be easy...but it means she had to actually, you know, act without words...which can be much more difficult..and, well...she pretty much failed at that. I would say the only thing she was really good at was having pale skin and big lips. She was freakin awesome at that, but then, she always is. After the movie was over, I crawled into bed and cried. Sometimes I have to have a cry. The world feels so damn heavy right now. Every day, it's like I'm marching through a swamp. My dad was there to sit at the edge and hold me...and eventually Diana called I had Diana in my ear talkin' sense, and my dad by my side rubbing my palm. If you have never had anyone rub your palm, you should try's the most disarming thing in the world. Whenever I'm overly stressed, I like to have someone rub the palm of my hand. Also, if you have never had Diana talkin' sense in your should definitely try that too

Then, we got Mexican food. It was delicious. Within seconds of being led to our table, a little guy was there with a big basket of chips and a bowl of salsa. I ordered a Dr. Pepper, and was brought the biggest cup I had ever seen...full of ice..and the Docta. I ordered (you love this) the 'Mango Maya' which was beef cooked to a tender 'point' (?) with mango pico de gallo, regular pico, rice, beans, and tortillas. I ate all of the mango pico. It was GORGEOUS. Then I ate more chips...and cheese dip. yes.

This was the parade I was looking forward too. Mexican food....and also...I just watched the New Kids on the Block make their debut on the Today Show. Heads up: Little Joey Joe is married with a big fat ring on his finger, but he looked damn good in his little vest with pocket watch. The parade continues.


Anonymous said...

Yay for home and comforting things, including your kitty cats! One thing about home: you might not be getting a cold; it could be allergies instead. And I am so jealous of your cheese dip. The Mexican restaurants here have only weird cheese dip; it's not smooth and a little runny like it should be.

I'm wondering if seeing NKOTB on tour again would be fabulous or awful. Your thoughts? The Oct 8 show here is already sold out, but tickets for the Oct 24 show don't go on sale until June 2. By the way, their tour schedule is really weird: They seem to keep going back and forth among a few cities.

And welcome home and enjoy the warmth in the lovely South.


sunshine award winner said...

Home, Home!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!! It's BBQ Fest Weekend. . . you're just in time for the best the south has to offer . . . that is if you happen to know someone with stand . . .otherwise you just walk around and eat pronto pups that you pay too much for. But that's ok too. Pronto Pups. Man!

I had to go to work . . . I recorded NKOTB . . . don't spoil it for me. :)

Call me when you get a chance. I want to join the welcome Caroline Home party!!!!!


Vanessa said...


For Mexican food and IHOP (and, yes, crispy bacon).

For kitties and Diana!

(I was telling D the other day that she gives the best advice--she really does)