Saturday, May 17, 2008

Strange New World

I was sitting in front of the television watching 'What Not To Wear' when I suddenly realized, 'I don't care what this girls friends and family think of how she looks.' SO, I gathered myself up and walked back to the computer room to B-L-O-G.

Walked around Cooper Young yesterday saying hello to people and having random conversations. It's nice to be able to do that. No one really wants to talk to you in England for that matter...ESPECIALLY if you're American. There appear to be a couple of new eating places that I will need to visit...and perhaps frequent...the Bakery by Burke's being the number one place on my list.

I chatted with the lady that owns Hi-Octane Vintage (with her husband)about this insanely cute yellow dress that she had. I asked the price and she told me, but she punctuated it by telling me the dress was an extra extra small. She did not do this in one of those voices that hints that there is no way in hell that I would be able to fit into it, but rather in a voice that implied that NO ONE would be able to fit into it, and isn't that a bitch? I agreed, made a joke about the size of my chest (and we all know it's phenomenal), and continued browsing. Everything was fabulous, and so moderately priced, I could see myself throwing loads of money away.

I've looked at two 'eh' apartments in Cooper/Young so far...both with carpet (in midtown? REALLY?) and both tiny and pricey. Ridiculous.

I'm keeping myself busy. I've discovered that keeping busy and being angry are the two best ways to keep from feeling sad. When I'm not angry, but rather, inundated with memories of sunny days in London, walking hand in hand with he who shall not be named for a little while...or just resting in that little nook of his arm...I ache with sadness. The world slows down a little, and I am paralyzed by hopelessness. Sometimes I think of myself...riding my bike around midtown...thinking of heart belonging to him...and I'm sad too, but then I get angry...because I focused my heart on all that...and I was the only retrospect.

Tonight I'm going to try to make it to the Hi Tone to see Al Kapone. I get real tired at around ten p.m. so...we'll see what happens. I fell asleep last night reading my beautifully bound Master's thesis. It's not bad...but it is terribly boring sometimes. I mean...Early American Transcendentalist Feminism...........................................WAKE UP! GA! Thanks a LOT!

Anywho...if you want to come out...and pretend like I never left...or smother me with kisses...I'll try to stay awake. Let's see what happens.


diana said...

yes, phenomenal.

he who shall not be named for a little while... sounds kinda like you're referring to baby poon.

Nancy Caroline said...

In all could look at it just like that. Baby Poon.

I don't know what I'm saying.

Vanessa said...

High Octane is really cute--and the girl there is really nice and not "too hip for all you people patronizing my store"

Maybe I will see you tonight, and smother you.

with my tits.

Anonymous said...

And here I was thinking about Harry Potter when you said "he who shall not be named for a little while." Enjoy being out and about and seeing people you know. I'm quite jealous of that actually.


anna said...
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Nate said...

I miss you and wish I could be in Memphis to hang out. Hopefully soon, and I'm counting on you meeting me at a Duke game next year

anna said...

first, i don't think phenomenal begins to describe the wonder of your bosom.

second, welcome home.

third, when you decide to go to Sweet (bakery by Burkes), i will be your date.

Nancy Caroline said...

okay, let's hit em all:

vanessa: tits!

Apryl: we will see each other soon

comment deleted: wha?

nate: i WILL be meeting you at Duke for a game...the dream is still alive.

Anna: should I wear my 'goin out' panties on this date?

Vanessa said...

I was so glad to see you last night. And I will see you ladies (because you and D are a pair--like Salt and Pepper, or like Salt n' Pepa.) tomorrow. and we shall eat curry. and rejoice. and wear loose pants.

did i mention the fast starts NEXT Monday now?