Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Fears

So...I was thinking recently of nothing in particular...actually I was reading Vanessa's blog about her cough, and, for a moment, I had this fear of getting sick. It's so weird thinking about going home...and people being sick. I've managed to avoid being sick, since the debacle in January in which I was sick for like three weeks, by staying home from work and resting as soon as I began to feel ill...and no one at work ever questioned me. Working back home...if you call in better have a damn doctor's note when you come back...and who can afford to go to the doctor? Not me, certainly. So...I got scared of being sick...and I wanted to blame it on getting sick...which has yet to happen...and I wanted to beg him to take me back...but only for a split second. No begging for boys that don't want you. Moments later I remembered that I'd been sick before I met Liam...many many times...and I always had my friends or my mom to whine to about how crappy it was. So...false alarm....I'll probably be fine.

Also...I giggled today. I grinned like a fool and I giggled at work while chatting with the girls about boys.

Hills and Valleys.

My newly epilated legs are covered in insect bites I cannot identify. No itching...just discomforting and unattractive.


Anonymous said...

You have wonderful, wonderful friends. Imagine! Having friends to comfort you when this thing happens. Wonderful. Presence, and not just physical presence, is a crucial gift to the struggling soul! Thank you, friends of Caroline. Thank you.
Marcy - Mother

Anonymous said...

Yay for giggling with girls! I miss having girls around to giggle with. I greatly look forward to giggling with you at a girls' night when I come home in July.

Could the marks on your legs actually be irritation from the epilation? Whatever the cause, I hope that the discomfort goes away quickly.