Friday, May 23, 2008


I don't know if they have thunderstorms in England...I certainly haven't experienced one, and I've spent quite a bit of time there. I mean, it rains incessantly, but there's not really any thunder. Today, in Memphis, I woke up to a thunderstorm. It was dark and cool in my room (the perfect temperature), and the thunder was rumbling, a good bit away from my window. That is possibly one of the best things ever: waking up to a thunderstorm...when you can stay in bed and enjoy it. I snuggled up under the covers and breathed deep, trying to picture it far far away from ever being able to harm me, little me, safe in my bed. It rained like hell for a while, and then cleared up, but then, if you live here, you already know this.

Vanessa, I watched one of the Judge shows today...Judge Hatchett. She kept yelling at this guy to stop 'runnin' to [his] mamma!" I learned a great deal about responsibility. I also tried to wax my legs while watching...but the wax I was using was old and ineffective, and legs are still...sparatically hairy...because of the inconsistency of the epilady. Stupid epilady.

Here is an article about me: Grammar, but only when I'm not writing my blog...I have my own brand of grammar when blogging.
In any's from one of my favorite blogs, and it is an hilarious slap in the face.

I only cried twice today...they were little snippets of cries even...not full on crying, and I was with Diana...and she timed it was good. I cried over Mexican food...and then made a little joke about was one of those laughter through tears things. Surreal. Everything is surreal these days. I said I felt empty...but Diana told me that wasn't the case. I don't know if I'm full...yet...but I must not be empty.


Vanessa said...

You shouldn't ever cry over spilled Mexican...

...unless it's Queso--that stuff is a bitch to clean up.

vylica.8 said...

the judge shows are THE BEST! i went for a week or two, watching judge judy every day after work for no reason. off the hook, son. off the hook.

john/laura said...

there was a thunderstorm in Memphis a couple of days after I got back (to Memphis) from France. I was driving in the car and I got really scared because I hadn't heard thunder in almost a year.